75 Hard Isn’t For Everyone

I did the 75 Hard program last year. It was immensely successful for me, but it isn’t for everyone. Anyone can do it if they want to, but…


If you want to lose weight, 75 hard is not your program.

Sure, you’ll likely lose weight on 75 hard, but that’s not the goal or the reason to do it.

75 hard is about being consistent and developing mental toughness and grit.

It’s not about the founder selling supplements, and honestly, if you think it’s too hard, don’t whine about it, just don’t do it.

It’s hard for a reason. There are very simple details that you have to do every day and every component is there for a specific reason.

I didn’t like the daily photo when I started. But I took a photo every day.

My body changed. My expression changed. My demeanor changed. All for the better.

But what changed the most, was inside me. And it’s still inside me, and it could be better, but… It has never been as good as it’s been since I finished the program.

I think I might try it again this year because you can’t take that internal feeling away when you get done.

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