Black, white and shades of gray

I used to blog about the Mormon Church. It was easy because it was very black and white. While most Mormons are good people, the organization itself is an evil and controlling mega corporation. Being an atheist and criticising them was easy. Even when I encountered resistance, it was still easy.

I’ve been trying to stay out of politics this season. I was an ardent Bernie Sanders fan, and then when he got defeated, I figured Hillary was the next logical choice. I still think that of the current options, she is the best candidate, but I’m not stoked about it, and I’m feeling embarrassed to about it too.

It’s nothing to do with her gender, nor the emails, nor Benghazi. On social issues, I think she’s kind of inline with what I’d like to see.

Someone brought up her husband today… but he’s not running for office. But then they brought up how she stood by him and demonized the women who he assaulted. And at first I thought… but what else could she do… and then I was thinking that it doesn’t matter about her personal life, it’s her policies.

And then I realized that I was a big goddamm hypocrite.

Still gonna vote for her, but I don’t like having to defend that decision because of what it means.