Falling In Love With Perfection

I was listening to a podcast earlier this week, and reference was made to Toltec teachings. If you’re interested in the Toltec Culture, you can probably start here.

The Mrs and I started listening to The Five Levels of Attachment: Toltec Wisdom for the Modern World. The author begins by talking about perfection. Perfection is not a destination, but rather, it’s your current state. Whatever you are right now, you’re the product of your choices and experiences, and you are perfectly you.

He talked about looking in the mirror and seeing yourself for who you are, not who you could become. He talking about loving yourself as you are. As a perfect person.

With that in mind, the Mrs and I went to The Float Shoppe in Portland this morningĀ and spent 90 minutes floating alone in a sensory deprivation chamber. I’ve had good experiences in the past, but today was the best by far. I’ve always liked who I am, but I thought this morning about connecting with myself. About loving myself unconditionally.

Love is a powerful emotionĀ and realizing that you love yourself is the most powerful form of love. Being 100% in love with someone, and knowing that the person in love with you is 100% genuine and never going to abandon you, hurt you or let you down is incredible.

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