Experimental Best Practices

As I review the past week, I’m realizing I’m in a good place. I’ve had good days in the past year or 2, but they’ve been very much singular, and few and far between.

When you conduct experiments on your lifestyle, to see if they will bring more joy and accomplishment to your life, it’s important to remember to run 1 experiment at a time, so you can tell what works.

I’ve been trying a couple of new things, and they worked, but now I don’t know if one worked, or they all worked, or 2 together worked and the other 3 didn’t.

Here’s a sampling of some of what I’ve tried and how long I’ve been trying it:

  • Daily supplementation with 5-HTP to enhance serotonin production – 2 weeks
  • Daily journaling, with a focus on gratitude and ideas which emerged during the day. I’ve been thinking about capturing synchronistic clues! – 2 weeks
  • No caffeine – 3 weeks
  • No alcohol – 2 months
  • Whole30 eating plan – 3 weeks
  • Daily planning sessions – 2 weeks
  • 10 minute of meditation – 2 weeks
  • Daily relationship check-in with my partner – 2 weeks

My guess is that the 5-HTP and the meditation are the 2 most potent factors, but it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

I’ve also been trying to get back into running, with various states of success, and… I have an experiment coming up this weekend, which I’m particularly excited about.

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