Why I Love Mushrooms

I’ve been a fan of different kinds of mushrooms for a while.

I have a mix of mushrooms that I consume daily to boost my energy, mood, and boost my immune system. Cordyceps, Lionsmane, Reishi, Maitake, and Chaga.

They’re nice to take anyway, but with the burn-out and depression of the past couple of years, they’ve been very helpful.

I tried some other mushrooms this weekend. It turned into one of the most amazing experiences of my life to date, and may well turn out to be a critical pivot point.

The taste wasn’t much to write home about, in fact, I swallowed most of the concoction without tasting it, courtesy of some cool water. It took about 15 minutes to kick in, and… Wow!

I’ve been seeing a therapist in a couple of different capacities over the past 2 years as well. Honestly, it’s helped a little, but not as much as I hoped.

4 or 5 hours on Saturday night, and I experienced more benefit to my mental and emotional wellbeing than I had, considering the totality of the last 2 years.

I’m on a 5-day streak of feeling really good right now!

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