Front Loading With Protein

I’ve been on and off again with the Ketogenic Diet for the past couple of years. If I can get into deep ketosis, my life seems to go better and I feel better.

But, given my hectic schedule and limited time for meal prep, it’s not always the easiest diet to maintain, and my caloric intake is usually far below what it should be.

Recently I tried a Whole30. I’m in the midst of it right now, and honestly, I’m feeling good. I have developed a rather unhealthy relationship with Lara Bars, but aside from that 🙂

When I’m doing Keto, I get a lot of shit from my vegan daughters. I’ve reduced my bacon intake, which is probably good for all kinds of things, but they’re still not OK with it.

I was talking to my massage therapist 2 days ago, and she’s not so keen on the Ketogenic diet either. I value her opinion a great deal more, because she’s highly educated, and absorbs information like me. She was suggesting that recent research pointed to the benefits of front-loading the day with protein.

I’m considering adopting a weekly meal prep plan, wherein I spent an hour or two on Sunday preparing breakfast burritos and then using them to kick start my days during the week.

Burrito, cheese, scrambled eggs, brown rice, black and pinto beans, cilantro and may a little bacon and/or sausage. Toss them in the fridge and grab one in the morning when I head off to work.

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