Side Hustle Ideas

One of my goals this week is to brainstorm some potential side hustle ideas. I’ve built up quite a collection of domain names over the past decade, and one of the thoughts I’ve had is to build one of those out into a full application.

I’ve got some complex web applications that I’d like to build out with microservices. I’ve got a simple idea for an application, that I could sell through the app store for 99c or something, and I have an idea for a community.

The community is the idea that I’m most excited about. It’s a take on the FML (Fuck my life) terms and flips it for personal responsibility. The idea is FML (Fixing my life), and it would be a community with ideas for recovering from burnout, seeking better relationships, and all the things I struggle with and I figure I’m not alone in feeling.

There are similar communities out there, and they charge exorbitant amounts of money to participate. Honestly, if there was one that charged, $9.99 a month, or an annual $100 fee for some real value, I might jump on it, or… I could build it myself.

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