Reinvent and Rebuild

I’m trying to begin a new phase.

The last two years have involved more wallowing in self-pity and waiting around for things to change longer than I care to admit. I mean… I’m admitting it, but I’m not going to describe the vast extent of those activities. And they’re pretty vast… Like really vast… But enough of that.

One of my new year’s resolutions is that I want to end 2020 in a deep and meaningful relationship that is helping me grow and become a better person.

I’m also OK if that relationship is entirely with myself because no-one knows me better or should love and appreciate me more.

So here are some things I’ve been working on for the past week, and some I’ve been working on a little longer.

  • I’m doing a 3-month abstention from alcohol. This has been going on since January 1st.
  • I’m 2 weeks into a complete eradication of caffeine from my diet. I think I have pretty severe adrenal fatigue.
  • I’ve been doing a Whole30 for almost 3 weeks now
  • I’ve been journalling nightly for over a week
  • I’ve had a nightly planning session to prepare for the next day. It’s not super effective, but I’m doing it.
  • I’ve been meditating for 10 minutes each night. Headspace was started to annoy me, so I’m doing a timed session with a Binaural Beats playlist on Spotify.
  • I’ve started running again

There are also some things I’m planning to get working on in the future.

  • Plan to pay down my credit card debt and start building some savings.
  • Finish the requirements for my WTSDA Black Belt
  • Develop a daily Tang Soo Do practice which includes a review of my forms and all one-step techniques at least twice a week
  • Get back to planning out and executing my dream of Code-Em-power, a computer literacy program for woman and minorities.
  • Somewhat related, I need to visit my friend in Chicago again. I miss her, her daughter and the city.

So, here’s to reinvention and rebuilding, with a virgin, and whole friendly beverage of your choice!

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