Being Kranky

My kids are starting their Christmas celebrations early this year, and I’m completely on-board. November 1st began our Christmas Movie schedule with Christmas with the Kranks. It’s a movie I really like, but I got really depressed and pissed off after I watched it last night.

Tim Allen’s character spends most of the movie planning a fun, romantic vacation for him and his wife. His wife is kinda on board, but as soon as they encounter any resistance, she turns on him. The movie culminates with them having to cancel the trip, and his wife, and the neighborhood pretty much shit all over him and his stupid plans.

Now, it’s just a movie, and given the limited time, there is only so much space for character development, but I felt an affinity for Mr. Krank. He’s not perfect. His staunch rejection of all celebrating isn’t a path I would take, and I’d agree there is some selfishness there. However, I admire his determination in the pursuit of his goals, even while everyone else poo poo’s his plans.

They end up not taking the vacation, and it’s the right choice given the circumstances, but I felt his pain.

It’s tough trying to follow your dreams when people shit on you. Especially when they’re people who should be supporting and encouraging you.

I need to find a circle of people who fan my flames.

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