Opposing Voices

“Are you going running?”

The question broke the silence of the darkened room. Suddenly, I could hear the rain on the window, feel the chill in the air, and started thinking about my restless night.

My alarm had gone off at 4:50, and it was a struggle to get up and moving. I had to do it before the other alarm in the next room went off at 4:55. I set my schedule last night. Get up, brush my teeth, get dressed, and go running. Don’t think about it; do it.

And I hadn’t thought about it. I was doing it.

Until the question, and then all the voices in my head started talking at once. “Yeah, but I don’t want to”, I responded.

I followed with, “I’m having a struggle, and I just need to do this.”

I silenced the voices, put on my shoes, and got back to the plan.

The run was tough, but the rain was beautiful, and I checked the running box off when I got home.

It’s the little voice in my head that got me back on track with my daily schedule, and it was the voices in my head that almost tanked it again in the wee hours of this morning.

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